Who’s talking in your ear?

I don’t watch much t.v. and on the occasion that I do it is normally Law & Order or something that doesn’t require me to be series loyal. One day I decided to take a couple of days off work because I was tired so I actually made myself sit down and watch..

Bad Review

In 2011-12, I released my cd titled, “Redemption” and I was so excited because it was my first full cd and I believe (know) that I partnered with some of the best to create a well balanced product that conveyed the message that God had given me for that s..


One of the things that I’ve desired within myself New Year after New Year is growth. There are certain traits and characteristics within me where I desire to see progress. My personal growth goals have been some of the most difficult ones to eliminate fro..

Late Bloomer

It is so funny because one of the greatest friends I’ve had in my life is in another country and most of our communication is done via text or email. As I was catching her up on things that have been going on in my life as of late, I found myself going IN..

Church Hurt – Let’s talk about it?

As someone who has experienced church hurt, I felt it would be therapeautic to write. When this occurred to me I felt a little lost, embarrassed and most of all angry. I didn’t care if I never saw the faces of some of those people again in life. I was d..

Comic Relief

Today is a day that I am very tired and I’d prefer to be in my bed sleeping; however I am required to be present at my day career for another couple of hours so I thought I’d crack myself up about myself. If you know me really well you know that I am ter..

Define: Hater

In this age where the term “hater” is used so loosely, I decided to really take a close look into its meaning. Hater: Desiring to knock someone down a notch Let’s visit some traditional terms for the word such as: Jealousy: the fear that someone will t..

Who Controls you?

It is funny to hear the words that go something like this: “If so & so comes my way I’m going to check him/her cause I don’t play.” I have fallen victim to this very saying a lot in my life. Getting someone told makes one feel in control and gets the word..

Why Style with Trysh?

I have been asked “Why Style with Trysh Radio Show?” and my response remains the same every time. Why not? I am a believer that we have been blessed with this life and the fullness of this gift is dependent on US. Life is a journey so why not live it? The..