One of the many things that I love about God are the slight hints He gives us in life to reveal those things closest to His heart regarding you. It is commonly known that God will not reveal His entire plan because if He did then we wouldn’t be able to handle it nor ourselves.

God currently has me in a transition season and although I am excited (definitely not telling him no) I wrestle with those negatives in my head. These feelings remind of my initial journey as a recording artist so they are familiar. I don’t believe embarking on a new area unless God gives me that release.

(NOTE: I began this blog back in 2017 and never finished it but I can still complete it)

So many things have changed in my life since the original start of this writing. I finally embraced the going from radio to television (which was the point of anxiety). At this time, we have completed ALL of our pre-tapings for season 1 of Style with Trysh; however I am now an empty nester so I am adjusting to THAT transition.

Basically, life is ALL about transition. And fighting it ONLY causes you to lose energy because God’s will, always prevails. The bottom line is: You won’t get it nor see it because He will not reveal it ALL to you; so why do we fight the inevitable when we’ve experienced His divine, miracle working power? I’m SURE we come across to God as maniacs.

I heard a speaker say: Christian’s suffer with temporary insanity when we “forget” what God is capable and has done in our lives. From trial to trial we battle with amnesia. And this is VERY true.

I believe adjusting to transition is humanly a struggle and God gets that – however – as we grow in Him these periods of stall should decrease with time & opportunity of experience.

We should embrace transition in our lives because it is equivalent to graduation. God wouldn’t move us forward IF we were not ready.

TRANSITION we welcome you!!!

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