Taming Negative Thoughts

As an Indie artist, you always experience a high level of anxiety when releasing new music. Many have said before that as an artist our songs are like our babies and that stands very true. You have to resolve to the fact that what God has given you isn’t for everyone and that’s ok as long as you stay true to your gift & call. Those who you’ve been assigned to will get it.

As I was planning for my release concert, I began to receive many inbox messages, texts and calls telling me “Sorry Sis, I won’t be able to make it.” One of my key supporters had been in the hospital and wouldn’t be able to assist with the concert. Even when I attempted to call my Mom to talk out my anxiety – even she – was not available. I laid in my bed and tears began to fall.

Let’s keep it real in this moment. I’m sure many will say well you are only singing for “God” or you have an audience of “One”. And as true as that is, one still feels the need to feel supported. So how do you rid yourself from those negative thoughts?

As I lied in my bed feeling a little defeated, I had a conversation with God. And as He directed my thoughts I began to audibly speak the words He was speaking to me. He said “I have called you and everyone present I have ordained to be there. Peace be Still.” The morning of the concert as my hubby covered me in prayer HIS words came to me again. “Peace be Still”

The peace that overtook me from that moment on was remarkable. When you KNOW your purpose in God ~ it doesn’t matter what naysayers think, it doesn’t matter who is with you and who isn’t. There will be times when you feel low and defeated but ALL you have to do is quiet your spirit and have a conversation with God and HE will quiet that storm within you.

The night of my release two my sisters commented on how calm and relaxed I was. Little did they know the raging storm that God had just spoken within my heart, mind and spirit. I was walking in the “PEACE” of God.

In the end, those that I thought would be there weren’t; however those who I’d NEVER suspect were there and I rejoice in the Lord because He ALWAYS knows what is best. I pray that God was pleased with the offering given unto Him. I only need to be pleasing in His sight.

“No matter how I feel..Go ~ to a place I’ve never been before..Go ~ spread the Gospel to the World till it reaches every nation..Go ~ wherever You say Go I will Go”

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