Late Bloomer

It is so funny because one of the greatest friends I’ve had in my life is in another country and most of our communication is done via text or email. As I was catching her up on things that have been going on in my life as of late, I found myself going IN on a “different” encounter that I’ve had. I found myself almost returning to child-like thinking and purging. I decided that I would write about these feelings because for me it causes healing.

As a child, I considered myself an ugly duckling because there were a lot of beautiful peers surrounding me. (So I thought at the time). I was around girls who called themselves “pretty” with button noses and straight teeth. All of which I did NOT have; hence my feelings of being inferior. Being raised by a single mother, I couldn’t even enjoy the luxury of at least having the money to compensate for my lacking. On top of my overbite, very poor vision and skinny frame – I suffered with an allergy to insect bites which caused blisters then scarring and horrible facial acne. I was a COGIC church girl so that meant no make up or pants. It was ROUGH for those of us who didn’t have it naturally.

At the age of 15, my Mom sent me to modeling school and they taught me along with HER how to appreciate my own beauty. GREAT parenting goes a long way. Janette Houson-Christie was the #1 best assigned to me by God. The second was my God Mommie – Mazzie Beard-Gaillard who taught me to be tough and lastly my oldest sister Ruby Bell who taught me that common sense was JUST as important as book smarts. By the time I graduated from high school and moved to Atlanta, I had the confidence needed to say HMMMM maybe.

Although I grew up in a small town, I learned that once you go out into the world you will find out what you are TRULY made up of. This sensitive and insecure kid began to believe in herself and exercised all the talks and lessons given to her. As I began to mature in who I am and being okay with all my flaws I found an inner beauty.

NOW – I celebrate being a late bloomer because I would prefer NOTHING more than to walk in my purpose KNOWING who I am, where I come from and where I’m going.

To my fellow “late bloomers” don’t regret your past but CELEBRATE because NOW is your time.

Trish is a Gospel Recording Artist and host of Style with Trysh who now resides in Atlanta, GA ~ visit her website at http://www.trishstandley.com

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