He knows our weaknesses

I have been blessed to have friends/family in my life who allow me to “think out loud” those questions/crisis of beliefs in my life without being judged.

As I was talking/sharing with my sister/family/peer tonight, the discussion of bearing the weight of being a minstrel of the Gospel came up. We discussed the difficulty of balance when it comes to being our authentic selves, a messenger of God’s word and gospel recording artist. These are 3 entities of who ONE person is called to be and because of that….there are times when ministry becomes really difficult.

THE STRUGGLE: We have to remember who God has “uniquely” called us to be along with the “message” He’s “uniquely” called us to deliver. Often times, we begin to focus NOT on the things that we’ve “heard” but on what we “see OTHERS” doing, which takes us off course. Who did God call, Why did he call us, What message did He give us AND Who are we telling it too?

TRUTH: As minstrels, Lucifer can totally relate to our insecurities, competitive spirits and need to be accepted. He understands the need for fleshy reassurances that we struggle with, within our flesh. WHY does he know? Because he lived it AND because of this LONG list of insecurities they caused his failure and ultimately his fall from grace.

In our arrogance, low self esteem and competitive spirit we get caught up in who admires our vocal acrobatics, who yells the loudest and who has a “membership” in the clique instead. Reaching NO ONE. IF God called you then THIS requires a lot of wilderness work, not being accepted, not being received, not being popular, not being understood. NOTE: WHEN has one’s ability to do the most impressive RUN drawn an “unbeliever” to Christ?

“Anointed” ~ has become a word that MAN determines. God is the ONLY ONE who annoints and the Word of God states He does it according to the remanent in question. All are NOT called to minster to ALL such as minsters of God’s word; however IF we are in the presence of one who isn’t “called” to minister to us “per se” we as MAN want to strip that person from their “anointing”.

We as believer’s have to remember that “he knows our weakness” and will — USE that against us. DON’T allow yourself to be used. ARTIST, MINSTRELS, WORSHIP LEADERS ~ don’t get caught up in the hype. You can be the most praised to man and still be the “fallen angel” Tear down the arrogance, separation and competitive spirit. IF kingdom work is what you’ve been called to do then that means CELEBRATE someone else whose operating & succeeding in THEIR call. Kingdom work IS what is most important in this journey. Allow those who you are not assigned to draw to be drawn by those assigned and praise GOD of His mighty works.

We are only vessels.


Gospel Recording Artist


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