Breaking FREE!!!

I remember when I started the beginnings of my music ministry journey and how I really didn’t want to do this. For several reasons, one being I didn’t want to be out here alone. I preferred singing with groups & choirs and secondly it was terrifying to share my most intimate thoughts through songs with others. After unsuccessfully hiding from God, I finally surrendered once God dried up my gifting.

Once I began to do things God’s way, I found this overwhelming feeling of being FREE. I’ve shared this story several times and I’ve always looked at it as something in my past. WELL, I’ve noticed that through the years, I’ve continued to stall God. I stall God because when He says to “move” I’ve sat on Him. One of the songs on my latest project “No One Else” there is a track called “Go.” In that song, it encourages the listener to Go ye therefore, teach all nations, spread the gospel everywhere, where You lead me I will follow You. Here I am Lord, please use me, let Your glory shine through me, I’m available to be used by You.” Even in singing this song in hopes that it inspired others to be about Our Father’s business, I only recently found evidence that I was doing it again. (Lord, help me).

God was pressing me to make a decision and I allowed relationship to deter me from that. He was trying to take me into a different direction BUT because I didn’t see or “trust” it (Lord have mercy) I attempted to stay with what I knew. Because of this, God didn’t dry up my gifting this time but he dried up my opportunities. There was a HUGE stall in getting this next project done & put out. Just about every roadblock I could face I hit.

Ultimately, I’m at this crossroad again and the decision was made. Although I experienced the emotions of anxiety, fear, panic and sadness – I had no choice but to trust God. Almost immediately, doors and opportunities began to present themselves to me. God even went as far as to reveal persons who my ministry had been a blessing to, to me. And I believe that it was His way of confirming within me that He was in the mix.

Moral of the story: Breaking FREE doesn’t always feel such as that – while in the process. Actually you will feel quite the opposite; however IF you trust God and His leading – He will reveal Himself in the process. You have to just “trust” God & “GO.”

Trish Standley is a Gospel Recording Artist and Radio Host of “Style with Trysh” which airs every Sunday 6-7 PM EST on http://www.stylewithtrysh.us ~ visit www.trishstandley.com for ALL things Trish


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