Bad Review

In 2011-12, I released my cd titled, “Redemption” and I was so excited because it was my first full cd and I believe (know) that I partnered with some of the best to create a well balanced product that conveyed the message that God had given me for that season.

As an independent artist, one of the tasks that we endure is “getting the word out” so I thought it wise to post on all my social media pages and email blasts to check out my music on Amazon and write a review. I was hoping that this would generate traffic to my music page. One of the habits that I exercise is the habit of googling myself and periodically checking sites where my music is sold. Since I was doing this campaign to get reviews I would check them more frequently than normal.

One day when I checked Amazon, I saw a review that said something like: Trish is a mediocre singer who would do better singing background vocals. And they went on to say that my music was not to their liking. Of course they posted anonymously so I had no clue who posted this. If you are familiar with any artists/musicians in your life then you know how extremely sensitive we are; therefore, you understand that I went into a world spin from this ONE review.

With the counsel of my hubby, family & close friends I decided to use that review as fuel. I decided that I am not meant for everyone and that may have VERY well been their truth. I needed to be reminded WHY I do what I do. There is purpose behind it and that isn’t meant for all. At the same time, I am still responsible to minister for the remnant that God has assigned me to minister to. Until He calls me home, I’ll continue in HIS way.

I viewed an awesome video recently where an artist shared that we all have different purposes, visions and plans given to us by God so we deny Christ when we compare ourselves to someone else’s success or even failure. Staying focused is tough BUT it is required to stay our course.

I wanted to share that review within this blog but when I went to cut and paste it, it was no longer there. That above everything else baffled me. It could be that with time reviews are deleted or the person who initially wrote it, deleted it. Who knows? It really doesn’t matter. I thank God for growth and as painful as it was THEN ~ I continue to use it as fuel NOW!!!

I’d like to encourage someone today that a “bad” review doesn’t have to paralyze you. Use that hurt, pain & embarrassment and turn it into charge. Get busy doing what GOD told you to do. #GO

Trish Standley is a gospel recording artist from Atlanta, GA and the host of Style with Trysh. Check out all things Trish by visiting www.trishstandley.com


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