When the nest empties

I’ve never been one of those parents who thought I was “super”. I do, however, believe that I did the best that I knew how. In the end, I am very proud of the young human that will embark on her new life beginnings in approximately a week and a half. As ..

I accept this ring…

I am not one who really puts a lot of stock into the posts that are made on social media. I assume that most are posting things that will draw them attention, inspiration, laughs or even discussion points. One thing that I’ve seen is other’s welcoming the..

Loss of an Absent Dad

If you know my story then you know that I am the youngest of 4 girls raised by our divorced Mom. My parents were married for approximately 11 years before it ended in divorce. Prior to that, they agreed to raise our foster sister & brother totaling 6 chil..
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