Comic Relief

Today is a day that I am very tired and I’d prefer to be in my bed sleeping; however I am required to be present at my day career for another couple of hours so I thought I’d crack myself up about myself. If you know me really well you...

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Define: HATER

In this age where the term “hater” is used so loosely, I decided to really take a close look into its meaning. Hater: Desiring to knock someone down a notch Let’s visit some traditional terms for the word such as: Jealousy: the fear that someone will take something from you...

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Who Controls YOU?

It is funny to hear the words that go something like this: “If so & so comes my way I’m going to check him/her cause I don’t play.” I have fallen victim to this very saying a lot in my life. Getting someone told makes one feel in control and...

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